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14+ Years Marketing

Gabi Casanas is a distinguished marketing expert, blending over a decade of strategic expertise with the responsibility of transforming industries, companies, and campaigns to better fit domestic and international lifestyles. As the Founder and CEO of ManEvery, Gabi spearheads transformative marketing solutions, crafting innovative business ideas, copywriting, campaign management, brand storytelling, and serving as a communications authority to steer companies and industries toward improved growth.

Her career began at CNN International, where she penned impactful articles in the world, business, and fashion sections for showcasing her formidable editorial skills. Her tenure at Warner Bros. Group of Entertainment Companies further honed her strategic acumen in media sales and influencing major advertising sales strategies. At Sidley Austin, a global law firm, she contributed to marketing initiatives that echoed the firm's legacy of excellence, once home to figures like former President Barack Obama.

At Comcast Spotlight NBCUniversal, Gabi specialized in networking with key stakeholders, traveling throughout Florida, and meeting with New York and Atlanta executives for internal meetings. Her responsibilities included presentations at the C-suite level, problem-solving, and relationship building. Gabi's role as an event planner at Fitletic Sports saw her negotiating major deals with Showtime Networks in New York City through her personal network for strategic partnerships with the small sporting goods company which drove sales up.

Gabi's expertise extends to orchestrating large-scale brand collaborations with companies such as Lululemon, Showtime Networks and Poshmark and has managed high-profile celebrities both as friends and in the workplace. She has led over hundreds in yoga industry events in the U.S. and taught exclusive A-list clients, such as best hockey player in the world and Canadian Wayne Gretzky.

Coming from engineering school Lehigh University and as an alumna of The Chapin School in New York City, Gabi Casanas comes from a family with both parents college educated and a brother from Duke University. At ManEvery, she not only envisions the future of marketing but actively shapes industries, driving the company and her clients towards an improved future with fresh startups, memorable campaigns, upscale events, and audience engagement. 

Gabi's extensive experience spans numerous industries, including international relations, law, yoga, fashion, sustainability, sporting goods, fitness apparel, retail, food and beverage, travel and hospitality, events, real estate, technology, finance, business, intellectual property, consumer goods, entertainment, and news. This makes her a versatile leader in marketing, sales, campaign architecture, and industry innovation.

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As the Founder & CEO, I specialize in crafting impactful campaigns for companies. I also specialize in creating industries,  original and authentic start-ups, co-branding initiatives, brand collaborations, and strategic advertising partnerships. 

With expertise in creative strategy and business development, I offer a fresh perspective to improve your brand and develop innovative solutions. Book an appointment today, and let’s turn your vision into reality.

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